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Single album cover for Daveed "Shifty" Hall.  Titled "Freedom".  I wanted to challenge all ideas about American democracy and ideals of what freedom looks like for African Americans in this country.  This piece is definitely different from the norm for me; it was a great challenge.  I love how the painting turned out.  I hope it provokes lots of conversations around race/ethnicity and priviledge.  Have great conversations!

  • Limited Edition

    Made for a musician as an album cover to speak to hypocrisy of America and its rights for “all” to have freedom, which we know, as black folx doesn’t exist. Album cover was censored for redundancy. Too much honesty is insulting to “them, “ and as my father always said to us, “Welcome to the real world.” 😊 We know! We understand. We are ready to prevail because we are mighty. Y’all can’t hold us back. 👊🏾✊🏾

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